Philips Hue Impress outdoor wall lamp narrow expansion

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With the Philips Hue Impress Outdoor Wall Lamp Narrow Expansion, you provide an extra spot in the garden with atmospheric lighting. Mount the lantern to the wall or fence and connect it to a Hue Impress Outdoor Lamp. With the Hue app, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your garden. Set the lighting to all colors of the rainbow or choose a pleasant shade of white. That way, you always create the right atmosphere in your garden. You can set a warm light to relax, or cheerful and colorful lighting during a garden party. Integrate Hue with other services and make the lamp switch on automatically at sunset.Note: this Philips Hue outdoor lighting only works in combination with a bridge.

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  1. Henk Doesburg

    Fits in nicely with the Hue family and has nice and relatives

  2. Demi Drost

    Good value for money, very nice appearance both day and night

  3. Sidney

    Simple installation where you should know that you must have all the connection materials yourself. As with all hue fixtures. Beautiful lamp, neatly finished and with beautiful light from 2 converging light sources. Was immediately recognized in the hue app. Fits well with the other lamps in the series. An asset to the front yard.

  4. Vincent Ost

    Expansion of the Hue collection. After indoor lighting, now also outdoor lighting. Everything can be controlled and set up remotely, great.

  5. David

    It works very stable

  6. Karel

    Good addition to the rest

  7. Bart Proost

    After buying many Hue lamps in the house and outside in the garden, I wanted to place this lamp in a corner in the garden. Since all other Hue outdoor lights that I have are connected to an adapter (I already had adapters), I immediately ordered a 5 meter extension cable. When I unpacked the lamp I noticed that it connects directly to 220 volts. So had to drive to the store to buy an extension cable. That was not specifically mentioned anywhere. I checked it later and couldn’t find anything about it. It is strange because the low models do work with the adapter. Fortunately I was still able to use the Hue extension cable because I moved one of the other lower Impress.

  8. Turhan Ozguner

    Philips products are easy to install and you don’t have to be a techie to connect it to the rest of the system. Furthermore, this series exudes quality and is made with robust materials. You will of course pay a higher price for this.

  9. IT1981nu

    After 2 years, the pedestals have become completely light grey. Philips has sent new ones, but these are also weathering again. The material is not good. The light output could have been a bit higher. They do provide beautiful mood lighting in your garden and it all works perfectly with the Hue system.

  10. Johnny

    Bought two lamps in September 2021 and combined them with two other Hue models in the front yard. The fixtures and light is beautiful. Setting Hue on the app was beeped within a few minutes. Once it’s in place, there’s nothing to worry about. Your neighbors and visitors are impressed.However, there are significant downsides. Firstly, the quality: during assembly the post feels cheap. The wires and the connection are also substandard for such an expensive product. Because the posts have to be mounted in the garden and no ground attachment is included, you have to come up with something yourself. Would be nice if Philips would give some suggestions in the booklet with some tips. Furthermore, after a few days, the moisture formation in the lamps was noticeable. Seems to belong. Not pretty. The first lamp is already broken and sent to Coolblue for repair. I think that’s really unworthy of Philips. Fortunately, it’s covered under warranty. But what about in 2 years?If you’re not in a rush, I’d recommend waiting a little longer for a Hue alternative. If you want them, take the negatives into account.