Siemens EH675FEC1E

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With the Siemens EH675FEC1E, you can prepare your piece of meat exactly the way you want to. The temperature control measures the temperature of your meat constantly so it doesn’t burn. The induction cooktop has 4 induction zones of different sizes for both large and small pans. You hardly have to keep an eye on things yourself during cooking. With the timer, you can easily set the preparation time of your dish. This way, you can start setting the table. Should the meat be done a little earlier than you thought, simply keep it warm with the Keep Warm function, so everything is on the table at the same time.Note: the required 5-pin Perilex connector isn’t included. Make sure to order it separately. The connector has to be connected to the cooktop by an electrician, because the connector of each outlet is different.

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  1. BK

    Purchased this hob after two technical failures with the previous Siemens hob with induction (failure of two cooking zones and high repair costs). Works great and luckily it wasn’t as expensive as the previous one.

  2. Hennie Heinsman

    My wife is very pleased with it, what more could you want

  3. Danielle Schappin

    Likes to cook on induction, ease of use and hob cleaning

  4. H. Reedijk

    The hob is a replacement for its predecessor that we have been using for almost ten years. This one had a malfunction and the glass plate had a crack due to a falling object.

  5. Joost Kant

    Replacement of existing built-in induction hob. Installation was simple, could have done it myself afterwards, but wanted a professional to install (via CoolBlue).Many unknown possibilities compared to the 22 year old record.

  6. J.R.M. Rutten-Crombach

    The convenience and it is maintenance friendly.

  7. Marco

    Works really easy

  8. ejk

    Control level is tricky. Clock disappears when other pit is served.

  9. Hans Regeer

    Just arrived at home is yet to be seen